How To Use Social Media To Market Vehicles?

Gone are the days when a car dealership’s shiny new vehicles would catch a passerby’s eye, prompting them to walk in, talk to a salesperson, test drive a car, and make a deal. Social Media is for automotive marketing, and we explain how to use social media.

Additionally, Before most buyers take a step into your dealership, they’ve explored the web for information about the car they want. They discovered your business, deals they might be able to get, and more. 

While many consumers conduct this research by querying search engines and poring over blog posts, those aren’t the only ways they learn about your dealership online. 

As a result, prospective customers learn more about your dealership and its vehicles on social media. So, how is social media used for the marketing of cars?

Number of Monthly Active Facebook Users

Automotive Social Media Marketing

Firstly, Digital Marketing for Auto repair shops and dealers starts with Social Media. And no, people are not actively looking for a service on Social Media. But people get inspired by the visual creativity that sparks the desire to get your help!

How Does Social Media Affect Car Sales?

Nonetheless, how does social media affect your sales? To name a few,

  • Increase Brand awareness
  • Inspiration to change
  • Enhance Market Authority
  • The Go-To Dealer for Tips & Tricks

You can’t achieve these things with any other channel other than PPC campaigns. 

Consequently, posting, sharing, and engaging with your audience lets you easily connect with your potential customers. You can help people find their dream car with the accessories they desire to help them fulfill their dreams. 

Hence, their dream is not a car but something they can do with the vehicle. For example, starting a family, going on a road trip, living an eco-friendly lifestyle in the city, or taking their partner on a romantic day trip. So if you can spark an idea with the inventory you have, you are halfway there. 

Digital and Social Media Marketing Trends In Automotive

You probably wonder, “What are the trends for 2022 for the automotive industry?” The answer to that is — Get personal.

I’ll explain. People love doing business with people and not brands. But people HATE being sold on something they don’t want and that means removing the pressure and the pain a customer usually has when going to the dealership to see a car. 

Instead, you’ll allow them to get to know you before they enter your shop.

Now, this can be a blessing and a curse at the same time if you don’t know what you’re doing and treat your Social media as a broadcasting channel. DO NOT do that! 

Be social on social media and help your potential customer find a solution that works for them and fulfills their dream.

use social media because that's where 78% of your customers are
Car Buyers’ Online Journey by a Facebook Study

Car Content Ideas — Five Ideas For Your Automotive Social Media Account

To help you find recent trends on Social Media for your shop, here’s a list of five ideas you can repeatedly do with the new inventory you get. I also briefly described what each trend does and how you can create similar trends without the video content.

Automotive Digital Marketing

At first, finding creative ways to connect with your target audience is very time-consuming. Algorithm changes, and people’s behavior tends to head towards social connection.

Furthermore, people use the internet to educate themselves, seek inspiration, or want to find a solution they are trying to solve. If you find a way to do all three things with your Digital Marketing strategy, you have won their trust to do business with you.

In addition, if your product is a success, you’ll reinforce your first impression and increase your chance of getting a referral from them.

how to use social media for your automotive business
Car Buyers Online Engagement Journey by Think With Google

How to Use Social Media

Use your Reviews as Social Proof

Promoting Inventory via Facebook

Facebook is a text, picture, and video-sharing platform. That allows you to post longer-form content with images and videos that give room for creativity.

Share your services and your inventory. Tell a story behind your vehicles and paint a picture of what the car can be for the next owner—combined with the extraordinary ability to target your audience with Facebook ads.

You’ll own your market in no time.

Promoting Inventory via Instagram

Our recent article, “How do dealerships attract more customers?” has 7 tips and examples on creating content fast and efficiently.

Being active on both platforms will allow you to be your local celebrity business. You are the dealership that cares about the people in your area. That increases your brand authority and, ultimately, your sales down the road.

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