How to Get More Customers For My Dealership?

Many dealership owners wonder, ‘How can I get more customers for my dealership?’ and ‘How can I encourage my customers to talk more about my shop?’

So, if you’ve tried solutions that didn’t work for the long term, here are seven ways to attract customers to your dealership.

Firstly, let’s dive into these opportunities, and look at some essential statistics that explain our marketing strategies.

Get more customers with happier reviews

Automotive Digital Marketing

Moreover, these numbers keep climbing. And the interesting part is, they’ve achieved this with an effective automotive marketing strategy without the need for a physical location.

So, what’s their secret to expanding their customer base?

Proven Automotive Marketing Solutions to get more customers

So, we spent some time interviewing over 80 local dealerships across the United States. We found that over 48% don’t use their Social Media accounts regularly. And, over 17% mentioned they don’t have an account.

However, the three most common reasons for the open market are the lease’s end, damaged vehicles, and reliability issues.

Automotive Industry And Social Media Marketing

However, both companies have one thing in common. Their social media accounts DO NOT promote and FORCE a sale. They instead help their consumers overcome their challenges of finding their dream car. The ad gives tips on discovering what they are looking for.

Automotive Digital Marketing — Seven Tips to get more customers

Given the impressive stats we’ve seen, it’s clear that their digital strategies are driving success for automotive businesses. Consider applying these principles to your marketing strategy to boost your dealership’s success.

Don’t forget to complement your digital efforts with traditional tactics for a well-rounded approach to get more customers through the door.

  • Organic Social Media Use
    Be active on social media. It is essential. Dedicate 10-20 minutes daily to engage with your audience. Consistency is key; it increases your followers’ chance to see your content. This boosts your dealership’s visibility and helps attract potential customers.
  • Use Your Customer’s Reviews & New Purchase
    Share them across your Social Media Accounts and showcase the value you have to offer.
  • Optimize Your Website
    Please keep it simple, be personal, and show off your team. That increases trust, and it makes your brand more personal.
  • Respond To Your Reviews
    Instead of copying and pasting the previous response, include the reviewer’s name and the service they’ve purchased. This personal touch makes them feel special and more likely to share their positive experience with their friends.
  • Collaborate With counterparts, i.e., car detailing business with window tinting specialists online.
    This is an excellent opportunity to expand your current audience. YES — it increases because of the overlapping customers both of you have
  • Collect Feedback To Win A Small Price 
    Send out a personalized email to encourage your customers to leave feedback. This improves the overall customer experience and helps your referral program. It shows you care for their experience and you want to create a better experience
  • Use Email Marketing To Give DIY Tips & Tricks
    Use email marketing software from Zoho or SendinBlue to send out drip campaigns. Use the 4-1 ratio to increase trust and status. ( 4 helpful DIY articles & insights to one promotional type of email ). P.S. NO DISCOUNT SALES — ever. 

Auto Repair Shop Marketing Is Simple but Time-Intensive

To achieve results, aim to create content once or twice a week. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

If you’re unsure how to start, consider a digital marketing consultation. It provides a customized blueprint and answers your questions, helping you establish an effective system.

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